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In Mediation, a mediator, typically a third party in mediation, assists the parties in a dispute to negotiate the terms of a settlement amicably. The parties in the dispute may need mediation in a variety of legal modalities including family matters, community, and workplace, diplomacy, and commercial.
Personal Injury
Personal Injury is a term commonly referred to a lawsuit where the plaintiff, or person bringing the lawsuit has been a victim of the actions of another whose results has suffered harm to his or her mind or body.
Family Law
The established laws that provide and deal with domestic relations as well as family matters, including marriage, divorce, and child custody and asset management are handled by our firm.
Personal Injury Law Book - mediation services in Princeton, NJ
Estate Law and Administration
When a person passes away the administrator of his or her estate is appointed by a court to manage the legacy and belongings included in the estate with or without a will.
General Litigation
The integral approach by which counsel for one party in a lawsuit integrates their intended actions with events anticipated and reactions in an effort to achieve the goal of the litigation law suit.
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Worker’s Compensation
A form of insurance which provides wages reimbursement and medical benefits to victims of an injury during the course of the employees shift in exchange for the relinquished right on behalf of the employee to sue their employer for negligence.
Municipal Court
The local court of law with jurisdiction limited to its region, or locale. Typically a municipal court addresses city ordinance violations and might also have minor criminal case jurisdiction as well.